Milton Maroo and the Idon Rebellion

Milton Maroo, a portly space trader who enjoys a gourmet meal as much as a good deal, is wanted for murder in a strange star system on the brink of war.

The Idon star system is fragile, crumbling from the outer planets in. At the edge, resentment boils in the Idonan people, whispers of uprising are growing. The palace, on the innermost planet, still projects order from a king increasingly out of touch with his subjects.

Milton Maroo, the lone pilot of the trading ship, the Zenger, transports goods from system to system, most of it legal. On a run into the Idon system, his dazzling skills with a laser pistol turn him into a fugitive when he kills a vital figure at the heart of a rebellion in an act of self defense.

Cappa is a smooth-talking spy working within the ranks of a rebel outfit that has gone rogue. When his true identity is revealed, he must work with Milton to stay alive long enough to set the record straight.

Together, hunted by a king with immense resources, they must clear Milton’s name, while the fate of the entire system lies in the balance.

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