Milton Maroo and the Artificial Intelligence

Milton Maroo, a portly space trader who enjoys a gourmet meal as much as a good deal, has priceless cargo, an outlawed artificial intelligence that the crime underworld will kill for.

The billionaire head of the Nythe Armaments Corporation empire is dead. Murdered by the most powerful crime syndicate in the system who are after one thing, an illegal artificial intelligence that will change the balance of power in the region in favour of whomever possesses it.

Milton and his spy friend Cappa are broke. While they do odd jobs at the billionaire’s estate they discover the Lerjoo Brothers crime syndicate is stealing. As the pair investigate, they find out the thefts are just the beginning and the Brothers still have their eye on their biggest prize.

Now Milton and Cappa must save the staff of the estate from the menace of the syndicate while they uncover the gang’s true intentions. Is the AI friend or foe?

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